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Business Philosophy

The business philosophy of the Law Offices of Keith J. Cohen, ESQ., P.C. is that every single client is important and the resolution of their legal matter is a priority. Each client will receive a return call from the attorney within 24 hours unless the attorney is out of town or on trial at which time the call will be returned by the secretary/paralegal to advise of the attorney’s schedule and unavailability. All clients will be kept apprised of the status of their legal matters either by telephone, email or regular mail.

Each client will be charged a reasonable fee for the legal services provided by the firm. Contingent fee agreements will be offered where appropriate and flat fee arrangements for specific legal work such as the drafting of documents and attendance at hearings will be provided on a regular basis to provide quality legal services. No client will be viewed as an annuity where large amounts of legal fees will be billed on a regular basis unless the matter is something of a significant nature and the client is made aware of the legal costs in advance.

The focus of this practice will be on civil litigation and a consistent and focused effort will be made to keep costs and fees down so that the legal matter can be resolved cost effectively and efficiently to the benefit of the client.