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Motor Vehicle Claims


My office handles all types of motor vehicle accident claims such as those involving impacts between cars, cars and trucks, cars and motorcycles, trucks and motorcycles, buses and cars, buses and trucks and buses and bicycles. Cars, trucks and buses are considered motor vehicles under the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code and bicycles are not. Someone injured in a motor vehicle accident while riding a bicycle would be treated as if he/she were a pedestrian by the law. Someone riding a bicycle has the same legal obligation to follow the traffic laws as a driver of a motor vehicle.

Pennsylvania motor vehicle operators are covered by the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law which provides no-fault coverage for payment of medical bills and wage loss regardless of fault. This allows an injured party to seek medical treatment and not be concerned about how the medical bills will be paid without the need for a determination of fault in the claim. My office handles both the liability and no-fault parts of the claim and only charges a fee on the pain and suffering portion of the claim. We secure payment of medical bills and wage loss benefits for our clients and do not charge a fee for the service.

In order to be successful in recovering damages in a motor vehicle accident claim, an injured party must prove liability and damages. Liability is one’s responsibility for the occurrence of the accident and damages are the economic and non-economic losses that one has incurred. Both measures of damages must be proven by the complaining party by a preponderance of the evidence which means it is more true than not true. In addition, the complainant must prove by competent medical evidence that there is a causal relationship between the accident and the injuries.

The Law Offices of Keith J. Cohen, Esquire, P.C., is knowledgeable and experienced in handling motor vehicle accident claims. The staff at the firm would welcome the opportunity to assist your friends, co-workers, family or you with your claims. Everyone is offered a free consultation and the attorney only receives a fee if the claim is successfully resolved.